About us

       Jaded Ones is an apparel brand dedicated to inspire customers to express themselves with a unique combination of styles, creativity and understanding. Our brand takes the saying "Wearing your heart on your sleeve" on to a whole new level; embracing love, lost and change. Our motto “ We strive for differences and simiplicy.” 

       Jaded Ones was founded in 2017 in Philadelphia metro area. We were founded based off the principles that we can change the world if could understand each other from experiences like a broken heart, depression and lost of love to happiness, hope and new love. We embraced the saying “wearing your heart on the sleeve” by making  majority of our designs a heart and keeping it close to the heart. We also challenge not just our customers but everyone to dare to be different, to create and be free; as well to tell their own stories. With these simple design and words from the heart we hope to change the world for the better.

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